Eligibility of Applicant Company/ Firm to qualify for Incentive Grant:
1. It is an all Pakistan Programme / Scheme administered by Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST).
2. The permanent registered Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)/ units are eligible to avail the Incentive Scheme.
3. Only those SMEs will be eligible for the incentive grant who fall within the definition as per the State Bank of Pakistan’s document “Revised Prudential Regulation for Small & Medium Enterprises (2016)” wherein SBP broadly categorizes the SMEs, one as Small Enterprises (SEs) with employment size up to 50, having annual sales turnover up to Rs.150.00 million, and the other as Medium Enterprises (MEs) with employment size from 51 to 250 (Manufacturing & Services Sector) and from 51 to 100 (Trading MEs), having annual sales turnover from Rs.150.00 million to Rs.800.00 million.
4. The Programme / Scheme is applicable to those Companies/ Firms /SMEs who have successfully implemented any certification scheme within the scope/ areas of the project.
5. The Programme / Scheme shall provide one incentive grant only against valid Certification(s). ApplicantCompany/ Firm /SMEwill be provided incentive grant for only onescheme / Standard of its choice.
6. The Application Form can be downloaded from the CIP project website ( orproject link at website of Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of Pakistan (
7. The applicant company/ firmshould carefully understand the requirements as given in the Application Form.
8. The applicant company/ firm is required to understand the criteria for the selection of Certification Body (CB) as outlined below:-
(i) Certification Bodies (CB) operating in Pakistan and accredited by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) would be preferred and directly approved.
(ii) Certification Bodies (CBs) duly accredited by a recognized foreign Accreditation Body (AB), preferably National Accreditation Body, will be considered for qualification of the applicant SME provided that accreditation schemes is not yet launched by PNAC or is outside the scope of PNAC.
(iii) Cases where certificates other than PNAC accredited CBs are issued, the CBs operating in Pakistan but accredited directly by foreign Accreditation Bodies should provide the credible evidence that:
a. The branch office of CB is accredited for Pakistani location.
b. Its AB holds membership of International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and is a signatory to Multilateral Recognition Arrangements (MLA) / enjoys member status for the Pakistani location.
c. Credible evidence to the requirements narrated above at “(iii) a” & “(iii) b” is provided.
(iv) Individuals/organizations acting as a representative of a foreign CB under a legal agreement and not using the name of the CB will not be considered for this incentive programme / scheme.
Note: The above criteria do not hold for CE Marking, Product Certification and Accreditation of Laboratories and Services.
a. For CE Marking, relevant EU Directives will be followed.
b. For Product Certification CB must hold Accreditation according to relevant ISO Guidelines.
c. For Accreditation of Laboratories & Services, the rules & procedures governed byPNAC will be followed.
9. The filled in Application Form duly completed with all requisite documents be sent (via courier services) at the given below address:-
The Project Manager
Certification Incentive Programme
Ground Floor,Ministry of Science & Technology
1-Constitution Avenue, Sector G-5/2,
Tel: 051-9216930

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