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In Pakistan, there exist around 3.2 million SMEs out of which less than 5% units have any Certification System. However, unlike large enterprises in the formal sector, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are constrained by financial and other resources. This inherent characteristic of an (SMEs) makes it imperative that there should be a mechanism through which it may get support in business and human resource training & development.

Private sector has always propelled and remained the main driver of growth. Development of a competitive knowledge-based economy through innovation and value addition is one of the enabling pillars of Pakistan Vision 2025. Competitiveness refers to the ability to produce and deliver quality products and services effectively and profitably. Vision 2025 envisages investment in the determinants of national competitiveness, especially skill development, innovative technologies and engagement in international markets for economics uplift of the country. In this scenario, national development is directly or indirectly linked to Science & Technology sector. To support the SME sector, it is essential to create space and offer incentives to this sector to play an effective role in growth.

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